St. George’s day holiday

hop hoodening Another site has cropped up; As the name suggests, the plan is to work a sort of active petition for the creation of an official holiday celebrating St. George and all that is English (or Turkish.. depending on who you ask about St. George).

Graham from the site has been in touch to share some details:

“..We want the government to introduce a bank holiday on 23rd April. I’m sure you appreciate that a bank holiday will be a great opportunity for all the English (regardless of colour or religion or sexuality) to recognise the things that bind us together – rather than concentrating on our differences..”

You are invited to join the growing number of people who have pledged to take the day off work – officially or otherwise – on St. George’s Day. We look forward to seeing how this progresses.

4 Comments on “St. George’s day holiday

  1. Well, I’ll certainly take another bank holiday, and I can’t think of a better one than St George’s Day – I already take that day off anyway.

    Good to see that you have the site up and running again. I have updated your feeds on the Witanagemot Club.

  2. Thanks Toque- I also take the day off anyway. Would enjoy seeing it made official.

    Thanks for updating the feeds.

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