The English Pub – Customs

UK Fullers Pub
Now that we’ve looked at the background of the English pub, let’s look at modern day English pubs and see what they have to offer. Again, I have Jed to thank for the particulars in this post.

Closing time
If you are looking for an all nighter, the English pub is not the place to go. Most pubs close at 11 pm – this has always been the tradition. Recently, though, a legislation was passed that allows pubs to open later than this time. However, most pubs still close at the customary time of 11 pm.

Ordering food and drinks
In many other countries, when you go to an establishment that serves food and drinks, you can normally expect to be served at your table. In an English pub, however, you have to go directly to the bar to place your order. Try sitting at the table and you will find out, however long you sit there, you won’t get any service at all. This is not to say that the English are service-oriented. It’s just how things are done.

Do you need to tip?
The answer is no. Some visitors may feel the need to do so but it isn’t really necessary. It might even bring about an awkward moment if you insist on tipping your server. A suggestion would be to say something along the lines of “get yourself a drink on me.” Though this is acceptable, it rarely really happens. So save yourself an awkward moment and refrain from tipping.

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