Thinking Of A Home Makeover?

These past weeks have been a bit crazy because of what has happened – and what is happening on Wall Street. Although they are across the ocean, it does not mean that people in the UK are totally impervious to the goings on over there. The economic crisis certainly has affected people in this country as well.

This means a lot of things. In terms of lifestyle, there are a lot of things that are being cut off from the budget of the average person. Think about your home – though it may look shabby and in need of a little sprucing up, you may be putting off makeover activities due to monetary constraints. Yet what if I were to tell you that there is a way brighten up your home with the help of some great deals in various British stores?

The Telegraph recently had a feature article on furnishing homes without dipping too much into your finances. The main recommendation? Veer away from the expensive and exclusive stores and go visit your supermarkets’ home ranges! Though this may not have been your first choice many years ago, it is actually a good idea.

Sainsbury’s has very stylish collections for affordable prices:
Sainsbury’s style-conscious designs include velvet cushions, in warm berry colours, at £5.99 each; chenille throws at £14.99; shaggy chenille cushions, £8.99; metal table lamps with red or black shades, £14.99; and tall metallic vases for £4.99. Black candle-holders with matching candles are just £3.99. An eye-catching mango wood sculpture costs £9.99 – the same price as a four-pack of champagne flutes.

Tesco is not going to be left behind:
Tesco has drawn inspiration from the fashion catwalks this autumn with dramatic purple vases, £4 to £10 each; tall glass vases in green, brown or amethyst, £8 each; and ceramic vases and bowls with a retro-looking orange/green glaze (above right) for £6 to £8. Its sophisticated lighting range includes an all-white table lamp for £45 and a table lamp with a circular smoky-glass base, £50.

With these items – and more – you can revamp your home’s interiors for low prices. Shop around and see what you can find!

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