Tips to Ensure You Get the Right Burglar Alarm System

Any home can become the target of burglars. As such, it’s best to protect your home at all times and know what to do in case an intruder gets into your house in the middle of the night or while nobody’s home.


The door is the usual entry point so make sure this is a sturdy one and does not have a letter box. Burglars can peep through the boxes and put devices through them.

Investing in a quality and reliable alarm system should be a priority. This is a must today as burglaries continue unabated with many of them occurring in residential properties.

Before purchasing, however, be able to determine your lifestyle, needs and how much you can afford. Learn about the different types being offered by providers and the benefits of each.

Make sure the system you get covers the various areas of your home including doors and windows as well as rooms not occupied at night. A security device that involves sensors that detect movements around the house is also best to use. These should be easily activated even at night in other rooms not occupied.

An alarm system that sets off with a loud sound is the most basic and affordable option. Most, if not all, burglars scram away in seconds when they hear the alarm sound. This type can be connected to the police such that when the alarm is set off, the law enforcement authorities are immediately alerted.

A simple sensor system with a dialer accessory is a good alternative as well. This can be connected to several phone lines and has the capability of dialing preselected numbers once the system detects an attempt to intrude into your home.

You may also opt for the monitored security system which allows you or a monitoring station with several staff to view in real time the situation inside your house while nobody’s there. To have your home monitored 24 hours a day, you need to pay a monthly fee to a company that offers this service.

If you don’t feel comfortable letting other people see what’s inside your home, you can take the responsibility of monitoring it using your mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet. Doing the monitoring yourself is also cost effective.

For this type, you will have to install surveillance cameras or the CCTV in the different parts of the house (such as the garage, loft, cupboard, bedroom) to let you see what’s going on there. Most of them are quite advanced with some in very small sizes that can be hidden behind walls or cabinets without easily being noticed.

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